Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Blogger Babes Enjoy An Evening Of Stamping ! !

The Blogger Babes . . . what kind of a silly name is that you ask? Well that is what we call ourselves . . . Kristina, Kathleen, Michelle, Paris, and myself. Ever since our dear friend Taylor came to town last weekend for Scrapfest at the Mall of America, and got us all together for dinner, we have been e-mailing each other, calling each other on the phone, checking out each other's blogs, and last night we had a stamping evening at Archivers in Apple Valley. Paris couldn't come because she was out of town ((((((((we missed you Paris and we hope you can come to the next Blogger Babes' outing))))))). So Kristina, Kathleen, Michelle, and myself each rolled, carried, carted, and toted half the contents of our stamping rooms over to Archivers and piled our table up high with all kinds of stamp sets, inks, paper, ribbons, embellishments, tools, etc. and settled in for a six hour stamp fest.

Okay . . . so I bet you are all thinking that we sure got a lot of stamping done . . . well I am sorry to disappoint you but there was more laughing, talking, and shopping at Archivers going on than there was stamping. We had most of the inventory from Archivers and Stampin' Up! already on our table . . . but we are all out in the store checking out what we might be missing for our big evening.

Okay . . . so it wasn't all laughing, talking, and shopping for the entire evening. We did manage to get some things done . . . we made a card. Yup . . . thats right . . . we made "a" card . . . "one" card . . . in six hours! LOL. It was probably the most fun card I have ever made though because all four of us designed it together, and shared in the making of it. We had so much fun making that little card and each one of us are going to share it on our blog.

Our Halloween card is made using Bazill "Parakeet" paper for the card base, Daisy D's "Taylor" designer paper ((((((((((((((Taylor did you hear that . . . you were with us in spirit)))))))))). The cute little cat on the broom is from SU's Haunting Halloween stamp set. Michelle reached into one of her many bags and pulled out that cute little sentement. I am not sure where it is from, but it worked perfectly ((((((((((thank you Michelle))))))))). We used two kinds of ribbon from Anchor Paper and layered it. Kathleen showed us how to use the watercolor crayons on our cute little cat. We used a black watercolor crayon and you have to dab it on a piece of paper or a napkin before you bring it to your paper, otherwise it goes on way too dark (((((((((((thank you Kathleen))))))))))).

So that was pretty much our fun filled evening. We did take a little break half way through the night and the Blogger Babes came over to my house (two miles away from Archivers) so they could see my townhouse, my stamping room, and of course my sweet little Willow. Willow was a little shy at first (she hid under the couch and kept peeking out) but the more they come over to visit the more she will warm up to them. She did manage to give Kristina lots of kisses though ((((((Kristina . . . I can't wait for our next stamping fest on Wednesday))))))).

And here is a picture of Willow standing on my stamping bag all ready to go on the next outing of the Blogger Babes.

Have a great week everyone and I will be back to share more creations, stories, and pictures with you.

~ Pegi





jodene said...

great card. I love the colors!

kathleenh said...

Oh it was a fun night! Thank you for teaching us your card making technique Pegi! I think we all learned something. Willow looks adorable all ready for the next stamping event. I hope to stamp with you soon!

Taylor said...

Sounds like you guys had sooo much fun! How could you not have fun... fun ladies, Archiver's, and stamping!? Wish I could have been there!

malieta said...

Sounds like you "Blogger Babes" had a great time! I think your card is cute also.

Tami McBeain (tmarie) said...

Sounds like you girls had a wonderful evening! I was sad that I couldn't make it! What can be better than stamps, good friends and archivers! Love your card design you girls work well together!